Professional reputation

Quality control

In 2013, FinExpertiza underwent tests organized by the Service of Financial and Budget Supervision and NP SRO Audit Chamber of Russia to verify for the compliance to the standards on auditing, professional ethics, audit quality.


FinExpertiza has been a member of the Forum of Firms, an independent association of international networks of firms that perform audits, since 2014.

FinExpertiza is a member of SRO NP Audit Chamber of Russia (SRO NP AChR).

FinExpertiza is a member of the Russian Society of Appraisers (NP Partnership RSA).

FINEXPERTIZA is a member of Business Russia.

FINEXPERTIZA is a member of the Association of European Business.

FinExpertiza is a full member of the Accounting Development Fund "National Non-Governmental Regulator of Accounting "Accounting methodological center" (NRBU BMTs) that was found in 2007 to promote the best practices of the professional community in the sphere of accounting and reporting. The experts of the firms included in the network FinExpertiza participate in the works of all the Committees of the Funds.

FinExpertiza is a member of the Association of Russian Managers (ARM) - the independent public organization on a national scale with activities aimed at facilitating the switch of the Russian business community to the international standards and ethics in doing business, the integration of Russia into the world economy, the establishment of a constructive dialogue between the government and businesses, formation of positive attitude to a domestic business in the society and abroad.

FINEXPERTIZA is a member of All-Russian Association of Employers "Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs" (RSPP).

FINEXPERTIZA is a member of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. Russian-German Chamber of Commerce represents interests of the German companies operating in Russia and the Russian companies operating in Germany.


License of Federal Security Service of Russia. Series GT No. 0103341, reg. No. 31880 dated July 13, 2013 for work related to use of state secret information.

Degree of secrecy of information permitted for use: secret License is valid until: 19.04.2023.

ФСБ       ФСБ


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Accreditation for participation in closed competitive tenders conducted by the Bank of Russia by business activities.

Advisory services:

  • Advisory services on bookkeeping and financial reporting issues.


  • Research and development, design and survey works (conceptual design, feasibility studies of programs and projects on development of informatization and telecommunications, and information security), except for works related to information protection;
  • Software maintenance (technical support);
  • Consulting services.


The company has been entered in the Register of specialized organizations that may be recommended by Vnesheconombank for their involvement on behalf and at expense of participants of investment projects in the providing the valuation and surveyor services, advice.


The Appraiser-partner in the sector of large scale borrowers in the sphere of valuation of real estate and development projects.

The Appraiser-partner in the sector of large scale borrowers in the sphere of valuation of businesses and assets of the large holdings.

Accreditation in the sphere of audit services during works with problem assets for the needs of Sberbank.

Accreditation in the sphere of advisory services by categories: sales, management, personal effectiveness.

Accreditation for services in management and business consulting.

B&N Bank

Accreditation to provide valuation services.

Sviaz Bank

Provision of valuation, advisory and other services.

Rostec Corporation

Implementation of joint projects in the field of audit and evaluation services.


Carrying out valuation of the property complex, immovable property and the share capital of ROSATOM State Corporation and organization of the industry.


Services in the sphere of audit, valuation, legal advice.

Audit and other related services, including advice.

Inter RAO

Carrying out valuation of businesses and the share capital as well as valuation within the scope of reporting in accordance with IFRS requirements.

Carrying out valuation of property assets.


The Company was entered into the data bank of contractors for works in the field of non-production services.

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works

Accreditation for the valuation activities, in particular valuation of businesses, shares, interest in a buisiness.

OJSC Samaraneftegaz

Accreditation to render services on organization and holding of seminars on the topic "Development of management skills for line managers of oil and gas production enterprises".

OAO Oil and Gas Company Slavneft

FinExpertiza is included in the list of companies entitled to participate in the selection of counterparties.

CJSC CB DeltaCredit

Services on valuation of pledged items on credits refunded by the Bank.

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