FinExpertiza Network

FinExpertiza is the international network established in Russia, consisting of independent auditing and consulting firms and valuation companies that joined their efforts for providing high quality services for customers worldwide.

"FinExpertiza Network" is a Limited Liability Company. Its purpose is to act as a coordinating entity for member firms in the FinExpertiza network. The company develops policies and the strategy, focuses on key areas such as the brand, common approach to risk and quality among individual firms of the network where appropriate. The FinExpertiza network does not provide professional services for customers and is not engaged in joint activities with third parties.

The members of the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza abroad:

   FinExpertiza Russia Moscow
   LLC Shirakamut Armenia Yerevan
   FinExpertiza Belarus Belarus Minsk
   Mennix & Rekan Indonesia Jakarta
   HCA - Hafez Sharaf El-Din & Co Egypt Cairo
   Consulting-Plus Kazakhstan Almaty
   ТОО "FinExpertiza Consulting" Kazakhstan Almaty
   FinExpertiza Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Almaty
   ProgressAuditKz Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan
   FinExpertiza Cyprus Cyprus Nicosia
   W. Jacobs Audit Kyrgyzstan Bishkek
   KC Legal Netherlands Amsterdam
   Haroon Malik Accounting Services United Arab Emirates Dubai
   Safasha Business Solutions Pakistan Lahore
   MQA Saudi Arabia Riyadh
   FinExpertiza Serbia Serbia Belgrad
   Adalya Uluslararası Bağımsız Denetim SMMM A.Ş. Turkey Antalya
   İtimat Bağımsız Denetim A.Ş. Turkey Istanbul
   GLOBAL AUDIT Uzbekistan Tashkent
   AO AUDIT-VARN Uzbekistan Tashkent

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