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Contact us as you find convenient. In any way, whether this is a call, an e-mail to or a website inquiry, our staffer will contact you back to discuss details as soon as possible. To begin with, we need key information: name of your organization, full name of a contact person, summary of terms of reference.

Pre-project consideration

Each inquiry is individual, so we are flexible to our clients' needs in terms of pricing and mutual payments. For each project, upon initial analysis of information provided, we estimate work content. We might ask you to fill out a questionnaire to get the service fee calculated as accurately as possible. Various factors can impact work content such as a degree the accounting is automated, number of business transactions, amount of paperwork, types of operating activities, special tasks from of a client, etc.

Business proposal

Once we receive information on your inquiry, we will make up a proposal that best fits your needs and indicates key commercial provisions. Depending on the service type, a proposal can contain a different set of information: brief information on the group and network FinExpertiza, details about how the interaction is organized in carrying out works, indication of relevant experience. timing, methodological approach and financial component.

Making of a contract

If our proposal meets your expectations, we can come to the process of making a contract. If necessary, we try to negotiate a contract including a schedule of work as quickly as possible so as to start the project implementation sooner. We print and send you the agreed contract for signature by registered mail or courier service. The contract is deemed to be concluded when we receive the counterpart signed by you.

Service delivery

At this stage we start service delivery in accordance with the agreed terms of reference.

The format of service delivery depends on a service type. However, in implementing projects, we always follow the basic principles:

  • We ensure maximum competence in the field of services provided. For the provision of services, we engage personnel that possess experience and competence relevant to the circumstances;
  • Impeccable quality of our services;
  • Mutual exchange of knowledge and experience when working with a Client;
  • High quality work on a timely basis;
  • We consider industry specifics and work organization for the convenience of a Client in solving each specific task.

Although the scope of work can vary depending on a service type, the common factor is that our work is subject to internal quality control. Therefore, we can ensure that our services are provided in accordance with internal standards, regulations and laws of the Russian Federation, and good faith.

Support for work

We have a support department for providing you with a personal coordinator inside our company. The specialists of this department deal with current issues arising in implementing a project. The powers of the coordinators include:

  • Coordinating timing of work and structure of working groups, business correspondence and general issues.
  • Organizing and coordinating replacement of a specialist in case of force majeure.
  • Coordinating and signing certificates, implementation of mutual payments.


Our work ends with documents as provided by a service contract. For example, within the scope of an audit contract, you receive auditor's written information (management letter) which reflects details of an auditee, findings with certain examples, grounds for bringing into conformity with laws, conclusion on compliance with the current laws, recommendations as to correction of mistakes and violations identified as results of the audit as well as an auditor's report prepared in line with the Federal Law on Auditing and Federal Standards on Auditing.

Continuation of relationships

We are happy to continue and expand cooperation in the field of our other services, including: audit under Russian and International Financial Reporting Standards, valuation, methods and principles of corporate accounting; tax, accounting & law consulting; management consulting, due diligence, outsourcing of accounting functions, lean manufacturing, special assessment of working conditions.

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