FinExpertiza becomes partner of the business meeting " New Scenarios for Integration with AIS Nalog-3"

29 June 2023

On June 27, a business meeting "New Scenarios for Integration with AIS Nalog-3 and Prospects for Development of Tax Monitoring" was held in Moscow. The event was organized by T1 EasyTax with the participation of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. The conference was attended by chief accountants and representatives of tax and IT departments of Russian companies. FinExpertiza Audit and Consulting Network was the partner of the meeting.

Anna Veselli, Project Manager of the FinExpertiza Accounting, Tax and Legal Consulting Department, introduced the audience to the topical practical issues of preparing documents for entering the tax monitoring regime.

Tatyana Shustova, Head of IT projects at FinExpertiza, presented a demo version of the "Accounting with T1 EasyTax" solution designed by FinExpertiza specialists.

The conference speakers touched upon various aspects of the transition to tax monitoring, such as preparation and budgeting of implementation projects, first results of integration and new integration scenarios with AIS Nalog-3, and also presented the best IT solutions.

We would like to remind that on March 23, an agreement was signed on the first Consortium in the history of tax monitoring between T1 EasyTax, FinExpertiza, BST and DBI. The Consortium participants will join efforts to create a comprehensive turnkey solution for companies to enter tax monitoring on the most favorable terms. Within the framework of the Consortium, FinExpertiza implements methodological support for transition to tax control.

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