FinExpertiza's audit services for Khabarovsk fuel company

15 September 2016

Specialists of the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza have conducted an audit of the financial statements prepared by Khabarovsk fuel company, which is one of the largest oil and gas companies of the Far East. The top management of the company appreciated high qualifications, clarity, timeliness and coherence in the work of the audit team involved in the project. According to Deputy General Director of the company Eduard Novikov, "The experts properly interacted with each other and with the staff of our organization, which again proved their professional competence, ability to work with a holding structure and understand the nuances of their client's business."

According to the Russian rating agency "Expert RA", Khabarovsk fuel company ranks 384th in the list of the largest companies in the country. The organization specializes in bunkering vessels, transportation of petroleum products by tankers, wholesale of fuel and other activities.

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