Our team

Elena Trubnikova

President, FinExpertiza Global

Educational background

  • Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys;
  • Open University, UK - МВА "STRATEGY".

Professional background

  • From 1993 till 1997 she worked as an accountant in Spetstekhnologiya holding company and became the Chief Financial Officer of the holding.
  • From 1997 till 2012 she was the Managing Partner of FinExpertiza Audit and Consulting Group and Chairperson of the Board of Directors.
  • "The Financial Expert of the year" award winner; since 2004 she has been among the ten top directors of audit and consulting market (according to Association of Russian Managers).
  • Elena has significant experience in management of projects on asset restructuring, operating efficiency improvement and strategic consulting.
  • Since 2008 – independent expert of the Committee on Audit, Risks and Remunerations of JSC Russian Railways.
  • 2013-2015 – General Director of OOO FinExpertiza-capital.
  • Independent director of the Board of Directors of Subsidiaries and Affiliates of JSC RZD: JSC Freight One, JSC Federal Freight, JSC RZD Zdorovye, JSC Wagon Repair Company-2, JSC Roszheldorproject, JSC Beteltrans, JSC Kalugaremputmash, as well as JSC Medicine for You (Rosimushchestvo), JSC Foratec ETS, and JSC Foratec – АТ.
  • Head of audit committees, strategic committees, human resources and compensation committees under Boards of Directors.

Agvan Mikaelyan

Member of the Board of Directors, FinExpertiza Global

Educational background

  • MISiS, Candidate of Technical Sciences;
  • Open University, UK – МВА.

Professional background

  • “Person of Year-2004” according to the vote of the FinExpertiza staff.
  • Award “For Contribution to Development of Economy" (Ukraine).
  • 2005 - included in the top 200 most professional commercial directors according to the annual rating "the 1000 most professional managers of Russia" prepared by the Russian Managers Association and the Publishing House "Kommersant".

Successful implementation of large projects since 1994:

  • Development and implementation of managerial accounting systems in groups of companies in 1994-1995;
  • Development and implementation of budget management systems in 1996;
  • Development and implementation of the cost management system based on the value engineering in 1999;
  • Crisis management of industrial enterprises in 2000-2002;
  • Agvan Mikaelyan participated in working out governmental programs for development of agriculture in Ukraine 2000-2004.

Nina Kozlova

Managing Partner, FinExpertiza Russia;
CEO, FinExpertiza LLC

Educational background

  • Higher economic and legal
  • Unified Auditor’s Certificate
  • Tax Advisor’s Certificate

Professional background

  • More than twenty years of experience in audit and counting
  • Co-legislator of several draft laws in taxation and electric energy
  • Member of All-Russian Public Organization "Business Russia"
  • Member of the Business Union "Association of Managers"
  • Member of the Expert Board of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
  • Member of the Expert Group for implementation of the "regulatory guillotine" with regard to self-regulatory organizations of auditors under the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Over the last five years, N.А. Kozlova is in the top ten of the ТОР 1000 rating of the Russian managers in the nomination "Senior executive ТОР-250" on the "Professional Services" sector

Alexander Freiberg

Head of Legal Consulting Department

Educational background

  • Faculty of Law, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Professional background

  • Extensive practical experience in commercial law, corporate law (Due Diligence; M&A), intellectual property law, tax law; Experience in representing interests in commercial dispute courts, courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration courts; Control of legal subdivisions in large companies in the field of IT, construction, production, energy industry.

Elena Тimofeeva

Head of FinExpertiza Training Center

Educational background

  • All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics, faculty – Economics and Sociology of Labour, qualification - economist;
  • Internal auditor of quality management systems;
  • Management of educational activities;
  • Production expert in accordance with the international standard.

Professional background

  • More than 20 years of experience in the system of chambers of commerce and industry, and more than 10 years of experience in additional education;
  • Development of regional, federal and international relations, GR;
  • Successful implementation of social projects under the support of the Moscow Government;
  • Conduction of certifications ISО 9001:2008 and successful confirmation;
  • Organization and maintenance of bookkeeping for a non-profit entity;
  • Protection of interests of organizations in tax authorities, including claims on Inspection Certificates, settlements of disputes in Commercial Courts.


  • “For development of entrepreneurship” RF CCI
  • “Best in the profession” RF CCI
  • “200 years of establishment of diplomatic relationship between Russia and Switzerland”

Nataliya Tarabarina

Deputy CEO
Head of IFRS Department

Educational background

  • Degree in Radio Mechanics from Bauman Moscow State Technical University;
  • Degree in Audit and Accounting from Higher School of Economics;
  • Auditor’s Unified Qualification Certificate;
  • Diploma АССА on International Financial Reporting (DipIFR).

Professional background

  • Member of the Russian Collegium of Auditors.
  • In recent years, Nataliya Tarabarina has successfully controlled large projects on audit, restatement of financial statements and training in the sphere of international reporting for the leading companies from various industries.

About 17 years of experience in financial accounting and audit. Nataliya Tarabarina implemented successfully numerous projects in the following areas:

  • Audit of financial statements prepared under Russian and International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • Advising on financial accounting and taxation;
  • Audit planning, control and implementation of audits, advising clients.

Natalya Borzova

Deputy CEO for Lending Institutions

Educational background

  • Degree in Economics from Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI);
  • Auditor's Qualification Certificate No К 002167 for work in the sphere of bank audit;
  • Auditor's Unified Qualification Certificate.

Professional background

  • About 20 years of experience in banking and 16 years of experience in auditing.
  • Natalya Borzova implemented and led numerous projects in bank audit, managed audits and advised on banking issues.
  • Author of numerous articles on accounting, credit, investment policy, various aspects of audit under Russian and International Financial Reporting Standards in lending institutions. A recognized expert in banking business.

Margarita Efromeeva

Commercial Director

Educational background

  • Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of Russian Federation, MBA, master's degree in marketing and sales management
  • NOU VPO Higher School of Psychology, qualification as a psychologist, a bachelor's degree
  • FGOU VPO Ryazan State Agrotechnological University named after P.A. Kostychev, qualification as a technologist, a bachelor's degree

Professional background

  • FinExpertiza's staff member since 2016. Work experience in Rosneft structures. Governing the large commercial unit of more than 300 people, dealing with the projects for digitization and optimization of the organizational structure of the business unit. Managing the project for implementation of CRM automation systems.
  • Extensive experience in business development in the telecom industry - more than 8 years in federal companies MegaFon, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) as head of sales to large business customers, director for work with government entities. Building a strategy for sales development & service, interaction with state entities.

Tatyana Podtikan

Head of Corporate Consulting Department

Educational background

  • State University of Management, Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Professional background

  • Has been in consulting since 1992.
  • Tatyana Podtikan led large projects on modeling the systems of financial and managerial accounting while implementing information systems, building the business processes while implementing ERP systems, methodological support for implementing SAP R\3.
  • Experience in organizing and carrying out procedures of staff training in financial, tax and managerial accounting (on-site and remote training), including direct work as an instructor.

Alexey Baskakov

Valuation, Head

Educational background

  • State University of Management.

Professional background

  • 8-years' experience in work with and management of large projects in valuation.
  • Since 2003, Alexey Baskakov led projects of advising on valuation of AO-Energo in the reforming of RAO UES of Russia, as well as valuation of large assets of Gazprom.
  • Since 2005, Alexey Baskakov led projects М&A in the sphere of real estate and development: total value of implemented projects is more than 80 million dollars.

Elena Nikiforova

Audit Department, Head

Educational background

  • Degree in Audit & Accounting from RGSU;
  • Qualification Certificate of General Audit;
  • Auditor’s Unified Qualification Certificate;
  • Diploma АССА on International Financial Reporting (DipIFR);
  • Open University, UK – МВА STRATEGY.

Professional background

  • Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.
  • About 20 years of experience in financial accounting and audit. Elena Nikiforova implemented and led numerous projects on general audit, controlled audits and advised on financial and tax accounting.
  • In recent years, Elena Nikiforova has successfully controlled large projects on audit for the leading companies from various industries.

Irina Zelenkova

Marketing Communications Advisor

Educational background

  • European Humanities University, the degree in the art history;
  • Belarusian State University, postgraduate studies in the history of philosophy.

Professional background

  • Participated in and led projects for creating a brand "from scratch".
  • Repeated participant and the winner of international advertising festivals.
  • The winner of 4 КМRF (Kiev International Advertising Festival): 1st place in the print, the best printed work of the festival.
  • The winner of 5 КМRF: 1st place in the print.
  • In accordance with the vote results of FinExpertiza’s staff - Person of the Year 2005.
  • Founder and Head of the Advertising & PR Department, including press service of the Company.
  • Achievements in promotion of the brand “FinExpertiza” are marked with the golden award “Brand of the Year/EFFIE-2005” in the category "B2B: services for business” and the title “Superbrand of Russia” at the corporate market in 2006 and 2007. In 2009, the study of information transparency of audit firms operating in Russia has shown that FinExpertiza is in the top three in accordance with the rating of transparency and publicity of audit firms.

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