1 July 2016

What are BEPS

Base erosion and Profit shifting is a tax planning strategy employed by many Multinational Entities (MNE's), which have tried to evade the payment of tax in the jurisdiction in which they operate by shifting their profits to tax havens in which they have incorporated related entities, thus paying lower or no Corporation tax. This is particularly concerning as most of the developing countries in which the profits are being shifted to rely heavily on Corporation Tax income.

9 November 2014

Transfer pricing

Major provisions of Federal law No. 227-FZ dated 18 July 2011 "On introduction of amendments into certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in connection with improvement of principles of price definition for tax purposes" came into effect on 1 January 2012, leading to substantial changes in the Russian legislation on transfer pricing.

26 May 2017

Oil goes down again: Brent fell below $ 51 per barrel. Commentary from Nina Kozlova in

On 26 May, Brent Crude Futures fell to $ 50.89 per barrel in the morning. The price of "black gold" fell below $ 51 for the first time since 15 May 2017. Meanwhile, the July contracts for WTI crude oil decreased to $ 48.9 per barrel. Experts note that the decline in value occurred against the background of the prolongation of the deal between major exporting countries for reduction in production of crude for the next 9 months. How long will the reduction trend in oil last in your opinion? Why does the deal prolongation not "hold" the price?

29 May 2017

Russians are not ready to incur expenses. Commentary from Nina Kozlova in

Although some Russians began to take out more loans, the latest sociological data on consumer activity gave no grounds for optimism. In April, the National Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) noticed tiny recovery in consumer demand, but 'Romir' reported a decrease in spending among Russians. The Russian Statistical Service (Rosstat) has been keeping records of decline in retail trade. Experts do not expect significant improvement in the situation before 2018.

18 May 2017

Auditors say goodbye to redundant self-regulatory organizations. Natalya Borzova's comment for Kommersant

A former self-regulatory organization - Institute of Professional Auditors of Russia (IPA) - will be liquidated until the end of 2017, and its compensation fund will be used for charity purposes. Other two organizations that have lost the status of a self-regulatory organization are not eager to follow IPA's example; they found a niche in the new market environment - as lobbyists and advisers.

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