Ilgiz Baymuratov comments on mass production of the Ilyushin Il-114-300

15 March 2018

the Ilyushin is ready start mass production of the Il-114-300 within short timeframes, which may replace import machines used by Russian airline companies for interregional flights. “We understand that the market of regional aviation is quite promising, and due to the present political environment, Russian companies ought to consider replacing the import airline fleet with the domestic one.

If we receive the respective order, we are ready to start mass production of the regional Il-114-300, which, equipped with new engines and new cabins, will be able to compete with aircraft of the biggest western producers “, – Aleksey Rogozin, the vice-president for air-transport aviation of PJSC UAC, the General Director of PJSC Il, said. Il-114-300 should replace import aircraft of the same class and the outdated An-24/Аn-26. Unlike its foreign counterparts, Il-114-300 can take off and land from unprepared airdromes. At present, all the necessary documentation is being prepared to start production of this aircraft in Russia.


Ilgiz Baymuratov, vice-president of FinExpertiza International Network

- We can observe recovery of the market of regional air travelling, which is manifested in the increased number of direct airlines between Russian cities. This process is essential for the growth and greater flexibility of the Russian economy. In the light of this, I suppose that Aleksey Rogozin’s proposal is likely to have a keen response among Russian airline companies.

Purchase of Russian regional aircraft may be a viable solution, considering unification of airline fleet, availability of the service base and state-of-the-art solutions reached for production of new aircraft. In order to achieve a competitive supply, it is necessary to ensure mass production of new machines. To achieve mass production, I would advise to analyze other markets characterized by high growth rates of the air traffic volume, in particular, African countries.



Deputy CEO

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