What unites us

FinExpertiza is a family of the best, united by the common grounds, it is the backbone of the new breed of successful people, intellectual potential and values which can enrich and elevate the Russian society as a whole.

The pursuit of new knowledge, technology and professional heights, the desire to be the best at everything and not be afraid of challenges, develop and give others an incentive to develop – this is the core of attitudes of a FinExpertiza employee.

The scope and level of ambitions we are used to cannot help but attract those who are always seeking more, not stopping there, and who likes to be part of something global, great. Often our projects are almost reshaping the entire industries, and the people who are involved in these projects, feel proud knowing that they have contributed their efforts and dedication to make positive changes in the economy, that is in life of millions of people actually!

Who we work for

FinExpertiza clients are representatives of the actual business, people who are able to achieve prominence in their field, oriented to the best result – both in business and in life style, and people who in the highest degree are worthy of the result.

Powerful, high-tech industries, the largest public and private enterprises, providing much of the country's GDP, use our services. They are leaders in their industries who have achieved high positions, due to constant development, improvement of production efficiency and management, implementation of new technologies, taking care of professionalism and well-being of their employees.

We try not only to meet the high demands of our customers and thus contribute to the transformations that they carry out, but also to look a little into the future, offering unique solutions, developing new techniques and methods to improve the efficiency and profitability of their businesses.

Our team

FinExpertiza Employees are real professionals working for the success of our customers, which is the key to their own success, in terms of fair competition, that allows fairly to be proud of their impeccable reputation.

FinExpertiza combines two approaches in terms of staff policy determination and development of the team: we are always happy to welcome new people and professionals in auditing and consulting market, but at the same time try to educate and train staff within the company, creating good conditions for young professionals and for their career growth. We are proud of the fantastic success stories of our experts!

The special atmosphere of cooperation and mutual assistance, which is promoted by our people, allows newcomers to adapt quickly and to get all the necessary work tools, learn our technology and obtain our expertise. We arrange activities within the program of teambuilding several times a year.

You should not think that FinExpertiza creates “hothouse”conditions for its employees. One should earn their right to be a leader! To do this, you need to strive for more, showing the best results, think big, have a desire to learn and grow along with the company!

Connect us!

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