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COVID-19: How FinExpertiza can help business?

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, which threatens the global economy with the worst crisis since World War II, has divided the world into "before" and "after". Calculating the potential damage from interruption of business activity, experts agree that economic growth is unlikely to recover quickly. The situation in Russia is further aggravated by the fall in energy prices, which are the most important item in the state budget replenishment.

To support business in this extremely difficult period, the Russian government has prepared a large-scale anti-crisis plan. It includes direct subsidies from the budget to small and medium-sized enterprises from the affected industries, tax holidays, preferential loans, a reduction in the burden on the payroll, a moratorium on inspections, suspension of bankruptcies and other measures. The novelty of the current situation is in the rapidly changing regulatory framework. Legislators amend dozens of laws every day to protect businesses in a pandemic. Government acts adopted in pursuance of these laws raise many complex issues related to absence of a widespread practice of applying such measures and unpredictability of further developments.

To help businesses understand the peculiarities of numerous initiatives and take advantage of the proposed benefits, FinExpertiza has developed a special anti-crisis package of services. Only professionals can provide with an expert assessment of sustainability of your business, develop the best strategy in this difficult period and mitigate the social and economic consequences of the pandemic for your company. The crisis is forcing many enterprises to reconsider their strategy and find new sources of financing and ways of development. Get started today with our expert advisers in finance, tax, law and strategic management.

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