Construction and real estate

FinExpertiza has a broad practice of offering services to construction companies. Big construction holdings and developers, as well as companies engaged in real estate, are among our clients. Construction industry experience that we have accumulated enables us to solve complex tasks in corporate finance management, taxation, consulting and evaluation.

Industry projects

One of the leading Russian developers in residential real estate is among our audit clients.

We have developed a complete package of methodological documentation for implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in a big construction holding.

In addition, company experts have developed a methodology of automation of preparation of consolidated IFRS statements, as well as a methodology of closing the accounts for reporting periods for RAS and IFRS purposes for a big corporation engaged in real estate.

FinExpertiza has also successfully realized a project of audit of a big construction company subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

For a number of years we have audited a private Russian investment company, one of the biggest owners of office real estate class A in Moscow.

FinExpertiza provided consulting support and carried out an audit of one of the biggest companies of power industry, incorporating project institutes, engineering centres, construction and assembly companies, companies supplying technological equipment.

Our clients

  • Russian Housing Development Foundation
  • PIK Group
  • RZDstroy
  • Oboronstroj
  • REGIONS Group
  • INTEKO Group
  • Glavstroy Group
  • Roszheldorproject
  • Mosmetrostroy
  • Transinzhstroy

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