FinExpertiza won RAEX award in the nomination "Promotion of international networks of the Russian origin"

29 October 2020

FinExpertiza international audit and consulting network has been recognized as the best firm in the nomination “Promotion of international networks of the Russian origin", according to RAEX rating agency.

Nina Kozlova, the General Director and the Managing Partner of FinExpertiza Russia, notes: "FinExpertiza is not just one of the biggest audit and consulting networks of the world; it is a phenomenon that breaks the mould in relation to the balance of powers on the global market of financial services. We are the only network that has won international recognition, originating not only from Russia, but also from Eastern Europe. Within a relatively short time we managed to take a position among thirty biggest global networks, we were admitted to the “elite club” of the audit profession - Forum of Firms – and established offices in 16 countries of the world. Our example illustrates: Russian business, when it has a well-thought business model, a professional team and confidence in the chosen direction, it can compete with the giants of international business on their territory".

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