Nina Kozlova comments on prolongation of sanctions against Russia for "Kommersant" newspaper

24 May 2018

Sanctions war has been going on for four years, and a lull is not awaited. In March, the US introduced new sanctions against Russia. But resources of each party for this scramble are decreasing.


Nina Kozlova, President of Finexpertiza Network

"I consider a sanctions war non-perspective, it is a way to nowhere. This is the route we already followed, and no one really got any tangible dividends in this regard. This is a double-edged, mutually painful game. Although either party can get useful effect by increasing own production and competence in one or another area under sanctions. But it will take time, approximately years. Therefore, if you impose a ban on an American product, you need to anticipate that such a ban could stimulate increase of own competence and create conditions in Russia for development of such competence.



Managing Partner
CEO of ООО FinExpertiza

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