Accounting consulting

Unusual and extraordinary transactions are often a challenge to accounting services since they require a precise, balanced and prompt solution that is often hard to reach without a professional advisor. We can offer you:

  • Advice on complex issues of accounting methodologies including situations not provided for by the effective accounting laws and regulations;
  • Analysis whether IFRS treatments are applicable within the effective Russian accounting laws and regulations;
  • Methodological support to preparation of financial statements;
  • Developing the template of the explanatory notes;
  • Analysis of accounting policies of the company, advice with respect to bringing the policies into conformity with the effective legislation;
  • Developing accounting policies for bookkeeping;
  • Developing the timetable for the document flow and developing non-standardized templates of primary source documents;
  • Holding corporate seminars for accounting and finance departments;
  • Express-testing of the applied accounting (tax) system, of internal controls in order to eliminate material risks related to provision of accounting (tax) reports and confirmation of the staff competencies;
  • Testing accounting personnel.

Professional advice on accounting issues shall provide management with timely and comprehensive information ensuring that management decisions are balanced and taken on time.

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