Support of systemic companies to obtain government assistance

The financial stability of systemically important companies determines functioning of entire industries, economic well-being of the territories and the employment of a huge number of people. Therefore, the authorities provided special support measures for such companies so that enterprises that are especially important for the economy could obtain additional liquidity and make use of available resources for development, production restart and personnel retaining.

Systemically important companies, as part of the third anti-crisis package approved by the government, can receive soft loans to maintain working capital, and especially affected companies - subsidies for cost recovery, tax deferral and government guarantees.

However, assassinate is not provided to everyone - first, a company has to undergo stress testing. If the enterprise is classified as exposed to risks, the specialized commissions will consider the feasibility of providing it with state support.

After the adoption of the first anti-crisis package, businesses have already faced a refusal to get anti-crisis assistance on the basis of fairly formal criteria. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyze the activities of the enterprise and its financial statements, prepare and bring in line all the necessary documentation in order to eliminate the risks of denial of support from the state.

FinExpertiza is ready to provide systemically important companies with comprehensive support to obtain all the stipulated benefits and preferences. We offer the following services:

Analysis of business and financial operations of a company with regard to factors limiting and hindering the state support.
Stress testing of an enterprise similar to that carried out by the government.
Preparation of documents to make an application.

You will receive a professional evaluation of your company and will know even before applying if your business can qualify for support and what is required for a company to pass stress testing and be recognized as an affected entity. In addition, you will have a full set of documents prepared by professionals to make an application for state support to the Ministry of Economic Development.

You may learn whether your company is classified as systemically important on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development (

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