Valuation of rights of claim

Valuation of rights of claim (receivables, loan portfolios, collateral, etc.) is a demanded service, which is needed:

  • • When working with overdue receivables;
  • • In the course of transactions on assignment of debt (cession), when the original creditor cedes to the new creditor the right to demand the performance of contractual obligations from a third party;
  • • In the event of revaluation of collateral property or collateral value;
  • • When levying execution on the debtor's property;
  • • In bankruptcy proceedings and liquidation.

Specialists of FinExpertiza international audit and consulting network have successful experience of interacting with organizations of various industries, including specialized banking enterprises that manage large portfolios of problem assets, for example, SberCapital.

In the course of work on your project, FinExpertiza professional appraisers will take into account all the intricacies and determine the market value of the rights of claim, i.e. the amount of money that can be obtained as a result of the exercise of rights of claim in the debt market or in the sale of the pledged property and assets of the debtor.

The area of expertise of our specialists includes:

  • • Valuation of any portfolios of retail and corporate loan liabilities;
  • • Valuation of collateral, assets of the debtor, liabilities of guarantors;
  • • Substantiation of the market value of transactions for the sale of bad or problem assets;
  • • Forecast of debt repayment within the framework of bankruptcy procedures for making management decisions by creditors;
  • • Assessment of rights of claim in case of assignment of debt on loan liabilities as part of debt restructuring procedures.

The work results will include the report on valuation of rights of claim prepared in accordance with the Russian valuation standards.

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