Preparation of business plans and investments memoranda

Not a single new business idea can do without a thorough preliminary study, the result of which is the creation of a business plan - a document that will assess the possibility and feasibility of implementing a new project, the necessary material costs, payback periods and investment prospects.

In the event of applying for external financing, an appropriate business plan significantly increases the chances of a successful project examination by a potential investor or bank. Therefore, work on such an important document should be handed over to professionals.

Preparation and support of a business plan and a financial model for the purpose of fundraising

Consultants of FinExpertiza international audit and consulting network have extensive experience in coordinating projects with Russian or foreign investors, in particular, with such major investment institutions of Russia as the VEB RF and MSP Bank. In such fields as "Appraisal and Survey Services", "Consulting" and "Audit", FinExpertiza is included in the register of specialized companies that meet the requirements of VEB.RF and whose involvement by project participants is recommended by this financial organization.

Our experts are ready to help you develop several scenarios for the development of your business, offer development models that allow you to implement effective management solutions, make the necessary economic calculations and correctly draw up a package of documents.

As a result of our cooperation, you will receive a complete set of documentation to apply for external financing, taking into account the specifics of your investment project and with a deep understanding of the specifics and all the requirements of a potential investor. The set of documents includes:

  • Business plan;
  • Financial model describing the project economy;
  • Investment memorandum containing information on investment prospects of the project and assessment of possible risks of its implementation;
  • Conclusion on the results of the financial and technical audit/expert review.

If necessary, we can work on individual documents of this set, as well as provide services to support the business plan and represent your interests in the course of the project examination.

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