Interview with Vadim Pavlyukovich, General Director of Belkonsaltaudit, a new member of the network FinExpertiza

23 September 2016

“The small company has grown to a member of the international network for seven years”, Vadim Pavlyukovich, General Director of GK Belkonsaltaudit.

Belkonsaltaudit from the Republic of Belarus has joined the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza. The firm has been operating in the Belarusian market of audit and consulting since 2009. Since that time it has significantly strengthened its position in the national ranking list of auditing entities, thereby moving from 24 to 13 place. Belkonsaltaudit is the team of highly skilled professionals having experience of many years in providing services on audit, accounting, legal & tax consulting. In the near future the firm is going to operate under the brand Finexpertiza. Vadim Pavlyukovich, General Director, the founder of Belkonsaltaudit has met the network staff at the headquarters in Moscow, shared his experience, success stories and expectations from the new cooperation.

– Vadim Ivanovich, what is the story of creation and development of the company. What way has it passed since the creation?

– We created the company Belkonsaltaudit 7 years ago. There were three of us, I and 2 like-minded fellows. In addition to audit, we began providing accounting services in 2015, started activities as to legal services in 2014. At this moment we identify ourselves as a group of companies. We have two offices in Smolevichi, the regional city, and in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. The company's headcount has increased to 20 people. According to the Ministry of Finance of Belarus we ranked 13th in the national ranking list of auditing firms for the previous year.

Recently our company has become a co-founder of the country's first professional association of commercial organizations and private entities providing services on accounting and reporting, namely Association of Accounting Firms. Apart from us, it includes seven organizations. Thus, we have joined forces to provide professional services to customers, as well as to represent our interests at the legislative level, including activities on standardization of our services.

Finally, we are glad to announce that 2016 was essentially the new cycle of development, as we joined the international audit and consulting network FinExpertiza.

– Such dynamic development is impressive. What is the company’s secret of success?

– In my opinion, the key to success is the strong team of like-minded professionals who have created this business, and are currently working on its development. This is commitment of each member to the highest level in providing services, adherence to the principles of trust, honesty, confidentiality, professional competence and professional conduct. Thanks to this, we have formed a customer base that currently includes about 300 companies, of which 110 companies are our regular customers of audit, and the other 70 are the clients getting accounting outsourcing services from our company. In the context of various industries our experience includes a lot of projects for companies from the transport sector, production enterprises, firms engaged in wholesale and retail trade.

– What is Belkonsaltaudit's purpose of joining the international network FinExpertiza? What do you expect from this partnership? How will the business of the Republic of Belarus benefit from the cooperation in Russia?

– Our main purpose of joining the international network is certainly an increase in the profitability, increasing the business value. We have chosen FinExpertiza because our states are closely related both historically and in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union. These are the grounds for Russian business interests arising in Belarus, and, conversely, Belarusian business interests in Russia. So I am sure that joint efforts of Belkonsaltaudit and Finexpertiza network will give our clients an opportunity to receive the wider range of professional services while their business units can be located in Russia or Belarus.

We also hope that the membership in the network gives us an access to the network's experience, the most modern technologies and methodologies. FinExpertiza has passed a long and interesting way. Besides, we expect that we will build a number of business processes, increase the volume of our services, reach a whole new level. We wish all of us success and prosperity. Let our cooperation be so dense that we will feel a short distance between us despite 700 kilometers separating us.

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