Mate Tot of FinExpertiza Hungary commented on the industries most likely to be affected by the European gas prices crisis for RIA Novosti

17 September 2021

"The present steep climb in gas prices affects European energy-intensive industries immediately and necessarily. Wherever there is a high demand on heating and energy, almost every company will be indirectly affected in the business scene. The commercial sectors in Europe are the ones most likely to be hit by the extreme high gas prices, where even a short-term price increase affects production and service costs through cooling, heating, drying, lighting and so on," Mate Tot, Head of Energy at FinExpertiza Hungary, told the premier Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

The expert pointed out the industries most likely to be affected by the ongoing price hike: "The chemical industry, for example, nitrogen plants in Europe, is also exposed to risks, as well as hydrogen production, e.g. in Germany, where not "green" hydrogen but blue is dominant, generated from gas."


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