Services to banks

You decide what is necessary for your business and we provide for:

  • Statutory audit, in accordance with the Russian laws and regulations (stages upon request).
  • Voluntary audit should:
    • you require an auditor's confirmation of any reports' indicator;
    • you need to verify correctness of transactions performance and accuracy of financial and/or accounting reporting;
    • there be certain circumstances raising doubts for owners or managers in the due performance of their work by certain employees.
  • Carrying out special purpose tasks that include all services rendered by us within the framework of the voluntary audit, as well as:
    • supporting transactions of bank purchase and sale and supporting reorganizations;
    • supporting capital increase procedure;
    • advice with respect to financial stability, optimization of the balance sheet structure;
    • design and implementation of management reporting for multidivisional banks and banking groups/holdings;
    • tax advice.
  • In addition to that, we are ready
    • to design and/or to analyze internal policies, methodologies, regulations;
    • to select a bank for a potential investor;
    • to fulfill other tasks in accordance with the needs of your business.

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