Budgeting. Management accounting

If you have just started creating your holding structure or, on the contrary, if you have led a group of companies for a number of years and you face the absence or the lack of uniform management information, namely:

  • budget forms, as well as forms of management reporting in each company of the group differ,
  • companies of the group do their own planning and budgeting with their own scenarios and their own set of indicators,
  • there are problems of budget management systems’ functioning and there are difficulties with budget consolidation for the group of companies as a whole,
  • there are no uniform mechanisms of budgeting system indicators production for the companies of the holding,

then we are ready to offer you the following services to solve these problems:

  • development of the budget management system and corresponding methodological documentation to include:
    • concept documents,
    • budget and financial models,
    • underlying instructions, schedules and regulations;
  • organization of management accounting to include:
    • development of major organizational and accounting policies;
    • development of the mechanism of implementation of management accounting (chart of accounts, templates, reference books, methods and regulations);
    • assistance in managing accounting automation and methodological support.

As a result, after having developed the mentioned documentation blocks you will get a uniform budget management system for your holding or a group of companies:

  • a set of template budget forms customized for each business-unit, and at the same time containing uniform information for the purposes of the holding,
  • mechanisms for generation, collection and consolidation of budget forms’ indicators.

The organized management accounting system shall enable you to have your uniform budget indicators completed with factual data automatically and time-efficiently, with the budget indicators accounted for and generated in accordance with uniform rules and principles.

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