Tax consulting

Current tax laws and regulations is one of the most changeable areas of the Russian law that makes it hard to apply them because of the need to constantly keep track of the changes that have taken place or are expected to take place.

If you:

  • enter into a new type of transaction,
  • start to develop a new area of business,
  • have an impression that you overpay taxes,
  • would like to make sure in the method of taxation you (your accountant) have chosen,
  • would like to clarify an ambiguous tax issue, compare your understanding with that of an experienced expert,

our team of highly qualified practicing advisors with respective industrial knowledge is ready to offer you professional complex tax solutions.

We render services of tax consulting in the following areas:

  • Advice on urgent taxation issues. We shall provide you with our professional opinion and, if necessary, we shall also analyze alternative opinions and existing legal positions of fiscal and court bodies;
  • Advice on application of international double tax treaties;
  • Advice on taxation of foreign companies operating in Russia;
  • Review of the tax status of representative offices of foreign companies in Russia;
  • Drafting letters to the Ministry of Finance of Russia and the Federal Tax Service with respect to application of the legislation on taxes and duties;
  • Developing draft laws and analytical papers with respect to the changes in legislation;
  • Methodological support of tax reports preparation.

We shall help you to make the communication process with the state bodoes with respect to tax payment smoother and more predictable for you as well as less burdensome in terms of your budget.

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