Valuation of foreign assets

Most enterprises conducting international activities sooner or later face the need to appraise their foreign assets - movable or immovable property located in another jurisdiction, shares or interests in foreign enterprises, intellectual property, etc. Such an appraisal usually carried out for several purposes:

  • • Put the assets on the books and record in financial statements in accordance with Russian or international standards;
  • • Correctly assess the current financial condition of the foreign part of the business;
  • • Make the right investment decision on the acquisition or sale of a business in whole or in part, on a merger or acquisition;
  • • Provide a rationale for the cost of transactions to auditing or regulatory authorities;
  • • Improve management efficiency;
  • • Obtain project financing or secured loans.

In solving this problem, both Russian companies having assets abroad and international holdings developing business in Russia often face a difficult problem associated with finding a qualified specialist in an unfamiliar business environment.

FinExpertiza international audit and consulting network has gained extensive experience in appraisal of foreign property. Big projects in this field have been successfully implemented in the UK, Czech Republic, India, Kazakhstan, Cyprus. The status of an international network also allows us to provide similar services to foreign companies doing business in Russia and having assets in the Russian Federation.

Today FinExpertiza offices operate in 18 countries of the world, which allows the client to quickly solve the problem of assets valuation when contacting a single consultant, regardless of the region of the valuated asset and its own location.

Depending on the goals set, the valuation can be carried out both in accordance with the Russian standards and in accordance with the standards of the country where the asset is located. The valuation results will be recognized in both jurisdictions.

The valuation report can be generated in various formats - in accordance with Russian, international and local standards. If necessary, such a report can be provided to the client in two languages. Cooperation with FinExpertiza also makes it possible to issue a consulting report both on behalf of a Russian and foreign consulting company that is a member of FinExpertiza global network.

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