Valuation of a business and securities

Measuring the value of a transaction for further negotiations

To implement this task, we will prepare a valuation report in accordance with the Federal laws, conduct consultations and provide required details of calculations.

Our staff will accompany the client at all stages of the project: they form the rationale of one evidence or another in the document and, if necessary, are ready to be present at your negotiations.

Substantiation of the transaction value for controllers and regulators

If your transaction does not require a valuation report, but your internal regulations contain recommendations to carry out the valuation so as to avoid risks and verify the market nature of a transaction, then our specialists are ready to carry out the valuation.

Implementation of internal corporate procedures for an additional issue

If you plan to attract the market capital or your holding is included in a government corporation and the chosen mechanism for financing investment programs is an additional issue that will be further repurchased by the government, we are ready to offer you the support for this procedure. Our staff have extensive experience in implementing similar projects, so we ensure prompt coordination at all levels.

Project financing and collateral in business

If you are to attract loans from a bank with some share capital pledged, we are ready to help you with the valuation which results must be provided to the lending institution. Over the years we have partnered with leading banks and successfully performed works requiring a minimum period for approval procedures.

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